Prakash Shah, Chairman, G S Marketing Associates


Each year, the IIMTF has grown from strength to strength which is visible from the tremendous increase in the number of participants and visitors and the impressive footfalls

AB. What would you consider as the speciality of the India International Mega Trade Fair organized by G S Marketing Associates ?

Prakash Shah. The speciality of this Fair is that it usually has many separate A.C. pavilions dedicated to different industries like : companies from the Industries of NSIC, MSME, SMEs, KVIC, Handicrafts, Handlooms, Costume Jewellery, Ayurveda, many State Government Departments / Ministries, PSUs, Food Processing, Textiles, Clothing, Machinery, Tourism, many Foreign Countries, Corporate Companies, Business Houses and traders from all over the world along with other segments like : Real Estate, Building Materials, Home Appliances, Electronics, Electrical equipments, Furniture, Interiors, Lifestyles, etc. Many companies from all over India and abroad participate in these Fairs with their unique products and services, The vast variety and range of products is rare to find at the same time in a single venue. Due to this, The IIMTF is very well received by the citizens and business houses of the various cities in which they are held. We have already organized this Fair in Kolkata, Bhubaneswar, Ranchi, Mumbai, Indore, Lucknow, Visakhapatnam, Jaipur, New Delhi, Ahmedabad and Greater Noida.

AB. Please elaborate on the reach of the Fair.

Prakash Shah. Each year, the IIMTF has grown from strength to strength which is visible from the tremendous increase in the number of participants and visitors and the impressive footfalls (except during Covid). The IIMTF usually has 18 AC Pavilions in Kolkata and 14 AC Pavilions in other cities in open ground venues. The IIMTF had approximately 900,000 visitors in Kolkata, 600,000 visitors in Bhubaneswar, 700,000 visitors in Ranchi and 450,000 visitors in Visakhapatnam. This year, we expect the participation of 20 Countries and 22 States in the IIMTF in Kolkata. It is expected to attract approximately 1 million visitors from the target market. We have also organized this Fair in indoor venues.

AB. What is the scope of the IIMTF ?ES. What is the scope of the IIMTF ?

Prakash Shah. The scope of all the Fairs is tremendous and their success is evident from the tremendous footfall and business conducted, enquiries generated, transactions and the volume of matured business.” The IIMTFs are a golden opportunity for the establishment of new businesses. They also facilitate business expansion through activities like Business tie-ups, Joint Ventures, Networking, etc. The quality of the IIMTF is way ahead of other fairs and the India International Mega Trade Fair of G S Marketing Associates is a leading and much awarded fair in India. The IIMTF is now a one-of-a-kind show in many cities of India and is considered as an annual festival in many cities in which they are held and people eagerly wait for the India International Mega Trade Fair. The IIMTF provides an ideal platform for promoting B2B and B2C deals. The main aim of the IIMTFs is to increase the export-import trade between the countries and states participating and visiting the IIMTFs for trade promotion & business development to enhance the regional and overall economic progress.

AB. What is your business motto ? How was it coined ?

Prakash Shah. Notable to mention is the motto of GSMA : “Our Business Is To Grow Your Business”. It was coined by the Late Founder of our company, Mr. S. D. Gupta. This motto is perhaps the reason behind the superb success of the IIMTF. We see to it that the participants are truly benefitted through the IIMTF by way of increased volume of matured business, the resultant sales, awareness and business expansion.

AB. What is the USP of the IIMTF ?

Prakash Shah. The USP of the India International Mega Trade Fair (IIMTF) is the tremendous footfalls at the Fair for both B2B and B2C visitors. G S Marketing Associates (GSMA) has massive 360 degree advertising and publicity campaigns in a perfect media mix. We usually release catchy advertisements in the leading dailies, in 80 hoardings in Kolkata, 60 hoardings in Visakhapatnam, 75 hoardings in Bhubaneswar and 70 hoardings in Ranchi and intend to do much more for future IIMTFs. GSMA releases advertisements on TV and Radio channels. Our Fairs are given good media coverage. We have social media awareness programs via – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. GS has its own website: giving the details of our Fairs throughout the years. GS has also done bulk SMS Marketing campaigns. Invitation cards are given to 5000 important people from the target market to visit the Fair. The IIMTF is very well received by the citizens and business houses of the various cities in which they are held.

AB. Your company has just completed 28 years in the exhibition industry. Which are the milestones that are most memorable in this journey ?

Prakash Shah. Speaking of milestones : Our company started in 1994, when my Late Partner & Company Founder walked into our office and offered to start a new business with us in the exhibition industry, in which he had expertise. Till then, I was in a totally different industry. Together, we began a very interesting and eventful journey filled with many ups & downs, sleepless nights, long hours at work, sometimes even for 24 hours non-stop (if not more). His wife, who joined us in 1996 too has helped in this journey continuously for 26 years. All our efforts culminated into the current status of the IIMTF and our company G S Marketing Associates. We now have a team of professionals including our next generation, who are looking after the activities of the firm and the IIMTFs very well. Before the year 2003, we organized theme based exhibitions in smaller indoor venues. In 2003, we organized our first huge exhibition in an open ground with many A.C. pavilions, each dedicated to separate exhibition subjects. In 2004, we organized the first India International Mega Trade Fair (IIMTF) in Kolkata which was a massive exhibition. From 1994 till now, we have already completed 240 Exhibitions & Trade Fairs successfully.