Srikanth T.G, Business Head – HITEX



Q. Please tell us about how has been the year 2023 for HITEX and what have been the major shows at your venue?

T Srikanth. In the fiscal year 2023-2024, HITEX has experienced a notably favorable trajectory. Our proprietary events have witnessed substantial growth, both in terms of scale and quality. Significant milestones include the success of flagship events such as HIMTX, PetEx India, HITEX SportExpo, and the inaugural LDF (Livestock, Dairy, and Fisheries) Expo. The latter, conducted in collaboration with Aqua Farming Technologies and Solutions, stands out as a promising addition to our repertoire.

Moreover, the venue has been a host to a diverse array of third-party events throughout the year. These encompassed product launches, flea markets, trade fairs, and a spectrum of other engagements. Notable among them were industry-specific exhibitions of considerable magnitude, such as IPHEX, HIPLEX, and Umang 2.0. Additionally, HITEX facilitated various conference-oriented shows, including GoNat, IICP, Dreamhack, and India Lab Expo, underscoring our commitment to providing a versatile and comprehensive platform for a wide array of events.

Q. What would be your observations about the scale and success of the shows happening at your venue in the post Covid era?

T Srikanth. In the wake of the post-Covid era, the resurgence of in-person events has been notably striking, indicative of a discernible enthusiasm pervading the industry. The metrics employed to gauge these events underscore a substantial increase in attendance, with the events themselves manifesting an expansion both in terms of scope and scale. This resurgence serves as a compelling testament to the industry’s inherent resilience, showcasing not merely its ability to recover but, more impressively, to flourish in the aftermath of formidable challenges.

Q. What are some of the promising industry sectors in Telangana?

T Srikanth. Telangana’s ascension extends to the aerospace and defence domains, with the state witnessing a notable rise in companies operating within these sectors. Hyderabad, the capital city, proudly holds its position among the top five agri-economies in India, signalling robust growth in agri-related industries. Often referred to as the “Vaccine Capital of the World,” Hyderabad further solidifies its prominence in the pharmaceutical sphere. Concurrently, the Information Technology sector in the region continues to burgeon, underscoring Telangana’s multifaceted economic dynamism.

Q. Given the rapid advancement and economic growth in Telangana, how do you envision the future of exhibition industry in Hyderabad?

T Srikanth. Given the rapid strides in economic development within Telangana, the future landscape of the exhibition industry in Hyderabad appears exceptionally promising. The city, characterized by its vibrant economic ecosystem, is positioned to emerge as a focal point for the exhibition sector. Hyderabad’s unparalleled attributes, including seamless connectivity, cutting-edge facilities, and a business-friendly environment, collectively form an optimal foundation for exhibitions to flourish. Envisioning the future, I anticipate a trajectory marked by innovation and substantial growth, solidifying Hyderabad’s global standing in the exhibition realm. The government’s proclivity towards fostering industry-friendly policies and the efficient administration further fortify the city’s trajectory of rapid advancement and economic prosperity.

A critical factor contributing to Hyderabad’s allure is its robust connectivity infrastructure, seamlessly linking the city to various global destinations. This accessibility, coupled with the city’s intrinsic attributes, positions Hyderabad as an ideal host for a diverse array of exhibitions, affirming its versatility as a global exhibition hub. As we gaze into the future, the exhibition industry in Hyderabad is poised to carve a distinctive niche, propelled by a convergence of conducive factors that make it an optimum destination for showcasing innovation, commerce, and global connectivity.

Q. There is a lot of talk about sustainability in events, what could be some of the actionable priorities to make a meaningful impact in our industry?

T Srikanth. The events sector’s sustainability has garnered considerable attention, necessitating actionable priorities to effect meaningful change. One pivotal strategy involves the reduction of waste generation through the adoption of eco-friendly practices, thereby mitigating the environmental impact of events. Simultaneously, promoting the utilization of renewable energy sources stands out as a key initiative, aligning events with sustainable energy practices. Community outreach and social responsibility initiatives form an integral part of a comprehensive sustainability approach. By engaging

with local communities and contributing to their well-being, the events industry can embed itself in a more sustainable ecosystem. This not only fulfills corporate social responsibility but also creates a positive societal impact. HITEX, cognizant of these imperatives, has embarked on tangible initiatives. The lake bund project exemplifies our commitment to environmental conservation, with efforts directed at reviving a local lake through innovative methods like “floating beds” to treat sewage effluents. Furthermore, our upcoming facility, Hall-4, attains LEED Platinum rating, symbolizing a pinnacle of sustainability within HITEX. To address waste management, we diligently segregate waste generated during events to minimize contributions to landfills. The HITEX campus, designed with sustainability in mind, features functional rainwater harvesting facilities. These endeavours collectively signify our dedication to fostering a sustainable ethos within the events industry, ensuring a lasting positive impact on the environment and the communities we engage with.

Q. How has HITEX evolved itself as a world class purpose built MICE venue? Please share with us some of the key highlights of the venue?

T Srikanth. HITEX has undergone a transformative journey, positioning itself as a world-class, purpose-built MICE venue through a commitment to continuous refinement and innovative initiatives. The venue’s key highlights encompass an array of features designed to elevate the event experience. At the core of HITEX’s prominence are its state-of-the-art exhibition halls, meticulously crafted to provide expansive and versatile spaces for diverse events. These halls serve as dynamic canvases for organizers, facilitating seamless customization to meet the unique requirements of each event. The convention facilities within the venue further amplify its stature, offering sophisticated spaces conducive to the orchestration of large-scale conferences and conventions.

Indoor meeting rooms within HITEX reflect a synthesis of functionality and aesthetics, providing intimate spaces for discussions, negotiations, and collaborative sessions. The infusion of advanced technology infrastructure throughout the venue ensures a technologically adept environment, catering to the diverse needs of modern events. This includes cutting-edge audio-visual systems, robust internet connectivity, and other digital amenities that contribute to a seamless and immersive event experience. The outdoor areas of HITEX contribute to its allure, offering spacious and well-designed zones that can be adapted for various purposes. Whether for networking sessions, product displays, or recreational activities, these outdoor spaces enhance the overall appeal of the venue, providing additional avenues for event customization.

In essence, HITEX endeavours to provide an exceptional experience for both event organizers and attendees. Every facet of the venue is meticulously designed and managed to uphold the highest standards of execution. This commitment to excellence has solidified HITEX’s standing as a premier MICE venue, capable of hosting a diverse range of events with precision and flair.

Q. Any upcoming plans or message to the industry?

T Srikanth. In anticipation of the future, HITEX is charting an ambitious course with plans aimed at enhancing our facilities and services, positioning the venue to host even larger and more diverse events As a message to the industry, I urge fellow stakeholders to persist in their endeavors to adapt, innovate, and, crucially, prioritize sustainability. It is through these concerted efforts that we can collectively forge a brighter and more successful trajectory for the exhibition and event sector. Furthermore, I advocate for a strategic emphasis on upskilling resources within the industry, fostering a workforce prepared to orchestrate events that meet international standards. Embracing the rapid evolution of technology is paramount. To this end, venues must proactively adopt and adapt to digital advancements. This technological integration will undoubtedly contribute to the creation of enhanced event experiences, ensuring that the industry remains at the forefront of innovation and capable of delivering unparalleled value to organizers and attendees alike.