Trade show organisers are poised for growth and evolving to develop emerging marketplaces and secure future customers ahead of Global Exhibitions Day

  • Global Exhibitions Day (GED) highlights exhibitions as the driving force behind the Marketplaces of the future with emphasis on Evolving Customer Experience
  • Renewed Focus on Innovation, Emerging Industries and Economies, and Hiring as Businesses Return to Normalcy

Global Exhibitions Day (GED), the annual celebration of the exhibition industry, will take place on 7 June 2023. This year’s GED theme, “We Run the Meeting Places and Marketplaces for Everyone,” underscores the pivotal role of global exhibitions in shaping the marketplaces for customers of the future. With an unwavering commitment to emerging industries and evolving customer experiences, the industry is at the forefront of driving innovation, fostering connections, and creating value for businesses in their quest for new customers.

In-person events have seen a strong comeback all around the world as industries and communities have reunited after the challenges of the global pandemic. The global exhibitions industry is scaling up to meet demand, with investors and customers pushing the sector to grow and evolve. While the business model of exhibitions was challenged during the lockdowns, it has proven both its resilience and value proposition. GED 2023 will showcase the industry’s ability to adapt to the evolving landscape by creating marketplaces, leveraging digitalisation and delivering enhanced value in the pursuit of new customers.

Facilitated by UFI, in collaboration with the world’s leading exhibitions organisers Clarion, Comexposium, Emerald, Informa Markets, and RX; GED 2023 promises to be a day of advocacy, showcasing the businesses and people that run the meeting and marketplaces for everyone, and highlighting the transformative power of exhibitions globally in shaping the future industries and economies for our future audience.

“Bringing our communities together and providing valuable connections sits at the heart of what Clarion does.    It is fantastic to see how resilient the industry has proven to be and how much it has been able to adapt in recent times. Clarion’s commitment to innovation is paramount as we explore fresh event formats and cutting-edge digital experiences. We do this with a singular purpose to meet the evolving needs of our communities and empower them to forge even deeper connections that drive economies forward.  This is evident with our targeted acquisitions in the 1-2-1 event space and our expansion into digital, data and marketing service platforms that accelerate, enhance and provide unrivalled experiences for customers to thrive in today’s evolving world.”  Lisa Hannant, Group CEO, Clarion Events

“At Comexposium, we are determined to continue innovating and reinventing events, and are delighted to see that our events, strengthened by an omnichannel presence, continue to grow our communities. Once again this year, we have reinforced the power of our brands with new events (Vinexpo in Singapore, Imcas in Thailand), as well as new partnerships (Retail Big Show with NRF). This development goes hand in hand with the transformation of our business towards greater eco-responsibility and our attention to the environmental footprint of our sector. Global Exhibitions Day encourages us to foster collaborations and create experiences that meet the expectations and needs of our audience, with the support of our high-quality teams and the leadership of our brands.” – Renaud Hamaide, CEO, Comexposium

“Global Exhibitions Day allows us to recognize, celebrate and amplify the pivotal role of the exhibition industry in facilitating meaningful connections and interactive moments for our customers and communities. At Emerald, our top priority is to embrace innovation and transformation as drivers of our business model as everything we do revolves around meeting the evolving needs of our customers. This, combined with our efforts to seamlessly integrate the power of Emerald’s content, connections, and commerce businesses to create dynamic, 365-day marketplaces, enables us to offer even greater value to buyers and sellers alike in both the wholesale and consumer sectors,” – Hervé Sedky, President and CEO, Emerald.

“Exhibitions play a pivotal role in shaping marketplaces of the future. In addition to facilitating €500 billion annually in business sales, the exhibitions industry is a catalyst for innovation, creating a platform for customers to explore and interact with innovative products, technologies, and services, which enabling them to stay ahead in an ever-evolving world. Face-to-face experiences are irreplaceable; they create a fertile ground where ideas come to life, where products can be seen, touched, and tested, and where relationships are built and nurtured. At Informa Markets, our top priority is to maximise the opportunity we provide our customers, leveraging digital tools and data  to add productivity and efficiency to the magic of the in-person experience, creating value for our customers, so that they can create value for their communities. Together, we are building a vibrant ecosystem that accelerates global trade, drives innovation and propels industries forward.” – Patrick Martell, CEO, Informa Markets & COO, Informa Plc

“Last year we launched the RX Customer Mindset Tracking Study across four markets, the UK, USA, France and China. Reaching out to our exhibitors and visitors in this way, twice a year, every year, informs our actions going forward and ensures we are delivering genuine business value to our customers across all of our world-leading events.  78% of those last surveyed told us trade shows offer them something unique, an environment that cannot be created elsewhere and that’s what we do best – we build businesses for our customers.  When we meet in person we are energised by our connections and the ability to see, hear, touch, smell and test drive the products on display. The sheer efficiency and economy of meeting with so many people, in one place, at one time, to learn, buy, sell and network is unsurpassed.  Our events are where the magic happens, and Global Exhibitions Day is the time to celebrate our great industry and the pivotal role we all play in building communities.” – Hugh Jones, CEO, RX

“On this Global Exhibitions Day, we invite you to join us in celebrating the extraordinary comeback of the exhibitions industry, a remarkable story of resilience, transformation, and triumph. With the overarching theme, ‘We Run the Meeting Places and Marketplaces for Everyone,’ exhibitions have emerged as the driving force that propels economies, fosters connections, and ignites innovation. From zero to hero, our industry has raced out of the pandemic slump, defying all odds and confirming the strength of our business model. The exhibitions industry has not only weathered the storm but has emerged stronger than ever before. Our purpose has been reignited, and our colleagues have demonstrated unparalleled dedication, going above and beyond to serve our customers. We have witnessed the indomitable spirit of exhibitors, organisers, suppliers, and attendees who have collectively played a pivotal role in reigniting economic growth and shaping the post-pandemic world. Join us as we celebrate the exhibitions industry’s remarkable resurgence and its profound impact on industries and communities worldwide.” – Michael Duck, UFI President