Roshan Abbas, President, Event and Entertainment Management Association



If you would like to summarize the learnings from 2021, then what would they be?

Roshan Abbas. 2021 has taught us that we can work together to conduct safe events and keep our industry going on. Living with the pandemic is something we need to get accustomed to. Therefore vaccination passes at events, event apps, virtual and hybrid events with Covid protocols, conducting safely distanced events is important. It is equally important for the government to realise that human beings are meant to gather together that is why we are called social animals.

What according to you would be the top trends in 2022?

Roshan Abbas. As for the top trends of 2022 we will see a lot of people thronging to festivals and spending more on travel. People already realise that life is about creating memories and that this wealth is best created at events and exhibitions.

What will be your plans for 2022?

Roshan Abbas. Even in trying times like these some associations and bodies are trying to profit from the industry by imposing heavy license fees which we believe are illegitimate. The fight against these needs to continue as one body and I am glad that both FHRAI and EEMA have come together to fight this menace. We are also engaging with the government of India to create single window licensing, and with Ministry of Tourism in a celebration of India as a wedding destination to promote both tourism and commerce.

What message would you like to give to the industry?

Roshan Abbas. I hope all these measures will prove a shot in the arm for the industry at large.