Mobile Event App: The Smarter Route to Attendee Engagement


We have talked about it earlier, event technology has come a long way since its inception. In this Internet of Things Era, the online shift has now transitioned into the smart world. We are in that era of technology where things are done on the go with a smart-phone and an internet connection.

Introduction to a Mobile Event App

Event planners are definitely abreast with the trend, stepping into the world of smart solutions themselves with a handy tool called a mobile event app.

The most used technologies by event planners are photobooths (45%), event apps (44%) and live streaming tools (44%).

What exactly is an event app?

The basic definition of an event app is a ‘tool’ that is used to communicate your event to the audience. The idea for developing an event application still remains the same; interacting with the audience, the modes of which have far evolved. The initial event app contained a defined list of features that were enough to help attendees out with the basics of the event such as agenda, schedule, speakers, etc. 

With time, event app developers have experimented with the tool. In the current scenario, there is a range of best mobile event app providers who create white-labeled event apps with features at par with the recent technological advancements.

Event app has now become an event tech tool meant not only to communicate the event to attendees but also a platform to engage them, maximizing their convenience while gaining valuable real-time feedback. A range of event app features have been developed for the same, we shall delve into these event apps features further in the article.

Types of Mobile Event App

As event apps became a mainstream event-tech tool, event app developers began refining the tech resulting into multiple types of event planning apps with different functionalities and purposes. 

From mobile event and conference app, event networking app, social event app, event registration app, a range of event management apps exist in the market for multiple types of events with set event app features.

– Conference Apps

Conference apps are one of the most popular types of event apps used in major business events including conferences, seminars, summits, workshops, etc. Mobile conference app features generally include those that help attendees navigate such events easily simultaneously gaining valuable takeaways from the same. 

Hence features such as Q&A, itinerary management and yes, networking, are of prime importance in such a mobile app for conferences.

– Incentive Apps

Incentive apps are targeted towards corporate incentive trips, corporate retreats, etc. These apps are meant to help corporate fulfill their goal of engaging their employees and helping them conduct multiple activities in order to achieve their goals such as team building, value addition, etc. 

Incentive app features are based around this idea hence these features include event feed, gamification, travel and accommodation details, document sharing, etc.

– Association Apps

These apps are meant for larger associations and platforms belonging to a particular niche that conduct multiple events within a year for their members. Association apps help these organizations in managing all their events and member interactions from a single platform. 

Hence event app features for association apps include multi-event listing, member listing, in-app chat, etc.

– Check-in Apps

Check-ins are indefinitely one of the most tedious parts of any event, no matter the event type. It is also the first point of interaction before the event actually begins. Having an event registration app with a check-in feature in such a situation can be a life-saver. 

Hence, it is indeed a crucial stage of any event and has to be managed impeccably. Here is where check-in apps play an important role, helping event planners conduct hassle-free check-ins with features such as on-spot registrations and check-ins, manual check-ins, QR code check-ins, notifications, etc.

-Event Management Apps 

As I mentioned earlier, with the world getting smarter, apps help simplify a lot of tasks on the go. Talking about the types of event apps, while the rest are meant exclusively for the attendees to utilize on the day of the event, there are certain apps i.e. event planning apps that are meant for planners to utilize behind the scene in order to better plan and manage the event.

The features of an event management app usually include venue management, budget management, event team management, etc.

– Lead retrieval apps

These apps are meant mainly for events such as tradeshows, expos, exhibitions, etc. organizers who conduct such large-scale events try to maximize ROI for their exhibitors as well as their attendees in order to achieve maximum event success. This is where lead retrieval apps come into the picture. Lead retrieval apps help exhibitors capture leads from events. 

They can include custom surveys, questionnaires or capture leads simply through a QR code scan. Furthermore, the app also helps them in managing their team as well as nurture their leads for conversion.

46% of event managers view lead generation as a top reason to attend events.
Exhibitor ROI at Tradeshows

Selecting the perfect type of mobile app for your event depends on multiple factors including the type of your event, mobile event app pricing and its consistency with your budget, the event app features you would require etc. There are also a few solutions that can provide free mobile apps for events including free mobile conference apps, event registration apps, etc. 

But with such free solutions, the event app features provided are quite limited which may at times defy the purpose of facilitating the app in the first place. I’d suggest you make the investment.

The Ultimate Event App Features List

Talking about event app features, planners are often overwhelmed by the features that event apps provide and the mobile event app features that are actually available in the market. From personalized agenda, event information, content management, exhibitors and sponsors, interactive venue map to push notifications, here’s your guide to the event app feature list:


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