MP Special DGP Maithili Sharan Gupta: Industry should explore technical options to check crime


Mr Maithili Sharan Gupta, Special Director General of Police, Madhya Pradesh, urged the industry to partner with the police in checking crime through various technical interventions.

Speaking at a seminar on ‘New Age Risks – 2019’, organised by FICCI, Mr Gupta said that the country will do better if it reduces its dependency on the “ill-equipped” police and establishes technical systems to control crime.

“The police are overburdened and overstressed, and non-registration of FIRs is a major challenge. Devising scientific and technical assistance in investigation would lead to 100% registration, 100% detection and 100% conviction,” he stated.

Appealing to the industry for taking ownership of the risks and the responsibility to jointly minimize its impact, Mr Gupta said, “There should be certainty of cognizance (of crime). So, why not devise a system where the dependency on the police itself is minimized. Should we not talk about the virtual police thana?”

He released FICCI-Pinkerton report ‘India Risk Survey 2019’, which compiles 12 risks, each year, according to businesses, policymakers and subject matter experts that indicate top threats that can be disruptive to business operations in India.

“Corruption bribery and corporate fraud has come up as number one risk in India Risk Survey 2019. There are several efforts by government and private sector to generate awareness about this risk. A multi-pronged approach along with collaboration from all stakeholders is required to fight this perception,” said Mr Umesh Mehta, Executive Director, Pinkerton India.

Mr Rohit Karnatak, Managing Director, Pinkerton India, said, “Pinkerton adopts a comprehensive risk management approach towards corporate risk. India Risk Survey 2019 lists governance and regulatory risk, risk of non-compliance to data privacy laws and risk of impact to business due to climate change as the emerging risks for the year 2019.”

 In the words of Mr Rahul Chaudhry, Chair, FICCI Homeland Security Committee, “Unless and until we manage our risks better, there would be no value addition in our economy, and this will have direct impact on employment generation.”


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