The exhibition industry is an economic enabler. It is the harbinger of business growth. However, it is time now that the government understands the significance of this industry and gives it its due recognition. SUNIL MORE, Founder & CEO – FairAct, Incoming President, IESA


Q. How have you seen the Indian Exhibition Industry evolve in last 3 years in terms of Exhibitor and visitor participation, Venue enhancement, satisfaction of participants, mindset of the stakeholders towards the industry and participation and support of the Government toward the industry?
Evolution is a continuous process and Indian Exhibition Industry is no exception to the same. Keeping in tune with the recent modernizations happening in all fields and particularly in the IT sector, the industry is fast changing to offer better products to its clients. The value adds for the visitors and the exhibitors are very high in exhibitions taking place now-a-days. Filtration of the available vast database to identify right kind of visitors, easy and fast access to them through internet and arranging on-line, off-line as well as on-site meetings between interested parties has now become a common feature of a good exhibition. With the help of technology such as visitor tracking, an exhibitor is able to reach a right customer. The tracking technology also helps Organizers in planning their future exhibitions more efficiently.

Venue enhancement is unfortunately an issue, which remains to be tackled. We, in India, still feel that an exhibition ground and structures thereof should be architectural wonders! Organizers, on the other hand, need a functional, un-cumbersome and comfortable venue with state-of-the-art facilities such as planned vehicle and material movement, properly laid down utilities, multi-level catering, latest security features etc.

Perhaps, we as an Industry, have so far has not been able to convince the Government to give us an industry status though this Industry has a multiple effect on the economy of the city where such exhibition venue is situated. Take the case of a small city like Hannover in Germany, which thrives only on the exhibition infrastructure managed by Hannover Messe. This city gets revenue through taxes, hotels and apartments are nearly booked, services industry thrives and people get employment. Given an Industry Status, an all-inclusive policy can be formed to give a boost to the industry.

Q. As an employer, how do you build the careers of your employees?
Though we are a small company, we believe exposing our people to the latest trends and technologies in the industry and ensure that our people get training through various seminars, conferences and particularly through training programmes such as “CEM Course” organized by the Industry.

Q. How do you inspire your people in your team to give their best output?
We use multiple ways to inspire our people such monthly meetings, participation in industry programmes, social causes as well as out-station education and fun events.


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