Making quality an inherent and intrinsic nature of a team comes from Values. The best way to inspire your team is to get into action and set an example in front of them – and to show that there is nothing that an individual cannot do. H S BEDI, CEO, PS Bedi Logistics Chairman, International Exhibition Logistics Association


Q What is the current state of Indian Exhibition Industry?
Indian Exhibition Industry is in a very vibrant stage with increased interest from multinational & overseas organisers and also an expanding venue infrastructure across India. Also, the new stable government bodes well for Indian economy which in turn also will be good for exhibition industry.

Q. What is the contribution of exhibition in MICE (business Tourism)?
With increasing number of exhibitions also having conferences as their intrinsic part, the contribution is continuously expanding. Also, exhibitions are making a major contribution through domestic travel and participation.

Q. Exhibition enable business opportunities, can you give some examples to suffice this statement?
. Exhibitions provide face to face interactive opportunities as also product introduction. With technology up gradation happening at such a fast pace, exhibitors introduce their new products or models. While this is also being done through online options, but face to face continues to be the preferred option by far – and then using these face to face connections helps in ultimately closing the purchase / sale.

Q. What is the mindset of youth/millennials towards this industry?
. Youth and millenials are obviously attracted to all online versions of interaction. However, when B2B interface happens for business development, face to face interaction prevails. Not to mean that they do not find ways to avoid it, but still in many domains this bye pass cannot happen.

Q. As an employer, how do you build/grow the careers of your employees?
As an individual I am committed to developing and promoting new leadership and within that ,Women Leadership. I continuously endeavour to provide opportunities and urge all to take them without fear. While doing this we also make a strong pitch for skill enhancement and for this motivate team members to go in for educational and training programs, both in house as well as external.

Q. How do you inspire your people in your team to give their best output?
Making quality an inherent and intrinsic nature of a team comes from Values. The best way to inspire is to set an example – and to show that there is nothing that an individual cannot do. I am proud that our customers have sent us plaques mentioning “Thank you for making the impossible possible”. And finally, once people get into the habit of winning, then there is no going back from giving the best possible in everything they do.

Q. What is going to be the game-changer for the industry in the coming time.
Well, ‘Pragati Maidan 2.0’ and IICC Dwarka are being spoken as a game changers of Indian Exhibition Industry. To a certain extent they indeed will catalyse many a change through increased focus of Central and State Governments towards building Exhibition Infrastructure. Increased world class venue capacities will be available for expanded shows – and an attraction for overseas organisers. Consolidation will happen in the industry. All these will offer opportunities but delivering promises & quality; unstinted commitment to providing customer value; using multi channel approach; flexibility & adaptability to technology landscape; and synergising efforts towards safety, security & sustainability would play an important role for success.

Q. What are the major challenges which the industry must address to grow further? Please also highlight those challenges which you believe can come up in near future?
As consolidation happens, trust deficit is always a challenge in any growing market. Audited and validated numbers are not available. And so the evolution from an owner entrepreneur driven organisation to the mindset of well structured multinational management and culture can be a challenge. It is imperative that overseas investors succeed in India.


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